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Books I’ve read in the search for my Purpose

December 12, 2009

I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What it Was by Barbara Sher

Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher

Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath

The Pathfinder by Nicholas Lore

The Element by Ken Robinson, Ph.D.


I read the Barbara Sher book over a year ago, I believe on recommendation from my cousin, although I can’t remember now. Reading the book and realizing that there wasn’t something wrong with me, but that being interested in everything just a little was okay and even not that unusual… that was a revelation.

My mom gave me the Strengths Finder book for Christmas last year, so I have a sense of where my aptitudes lie, but I still am having trouble deciding what I want to do.

I picked up The Pathfinder in an attempt to figure out what kind of career might fit my particular strengths and aptitudes, and have been working my way through that. It’s fascinating, but I’m worried that I’ll have to give it back to the library before I get through it.

Half-way through reading The Pathfinder, my favorite blogger, Trent of The Simple Dollar either wrote a review of The Element, or wrote a review of some book that lead me to The Element. I’m not sure which. So I’ve been reading about people who’ve found where they fit. They’re providing inspiration for me in finding out where I fit.

In the process of reading these books, I forgot about being a Scanner, and have been trying to fit myself into a mould that may never quite work. In thinking about writing this post, and in thinking about what sort of career I might pursue, I stumbled again across the idea and have a whole new set of books to look through.


I feel like a slacker when I read things like the following, from a squidoo lense I stumbled across:

Sid wrote, “I decided to continue highschool-style learning after I started working full time by dedicating each evening and the two weekend days to a different hobby or subject and limiting myself to only seven interests on the go at once. I now have 13 A Levels, a degree in maths and I’m studying towards my second degree in Economics and Accounting at the age of 25. I also have a completely unrelated 9-to-5 career that I earn my main income from and plan to continue training in to degree level also. I sell fine art and sculpture on the side (something that I could do from childhood) and recently completed and found a publisher for my seven-book novel series. I am currently working on the next set of novels. I speak three languages close to fluently and plan to start on Russian in the near future. I also play the piano and guitar to grade 8 and write my own music. I ADORE learning and studying and want to know everything there is to know about life!”

I want to have that much energy and drive to get all those things done. The list of things that I would do if I could decide where to start is crazy long. Maybe I’ll post that next.

My goal for this next year and a half that I have this job commitment in not-Colorado is to work on, and complete, projects in the evenings and on weekends.

Tomorrow I will finish the fleece quilt for my father’s girlfriend.

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