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Thoughts before I go to bed

December 14, 2009

Today was incredibly productive. I am not normally this productive, but it was kind of amazing.

I worked all day, of course, and managed to get a lot done at my job, which is always nice. Makes the Boss happy, which is never a bad thing.

Then at home I washed my sheets, worked on The Pathfinder a little (not as much as would have liked, but I did something), listened to Marketing for Nice People for my mom, and watched an episode of my favorite TV show “Lie to Me” while working on some Christmas presents.

The Marketing for Nice People lessons was strangely prescient with all the other things that are going on in my life right now, because it’s all about effective time management and not trying to do too much because it’ll kill you. That’s a really bad summary, but you get the idea. Or maybe not. Anyway.

So, I suspect tomorrow I’m going to be completely zoned out, but for today, I felt totally awesome for being so accomplished. 😀

And now I sleep.

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