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On Reading “50 Best Jobs for Your Personality” – Part 1

December 28, 2009

So the six personality types that the book deals with are:


In taking the test, it came out that my primary personality type is Conventional, my secondary personality type is Artistic, and my tertiary personality type is tied between Investigative and Enterprising.

So, the best jobs for Conventional personality type with Artistic, Investigative, and Enterprising sub-personality types are:

1. Accountants and Auditors (CEI)
2. Financial Analysts (CIE)
3. Cost Estimators (CE)
4. Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants (CE)
5. Loan Officers
6. Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Except Technical and Scientific Products (CE)
7. Database Administrators (CI)
8. Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialists (CE)
9. Paralegals and Legal Assistants (CIE)
11. Bill and Account Collectors (CE)
12. Actuaries (CIE)
13. Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks (CE)
15. Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators (CE)
17. Legal Secretaries (CE)
19. Brokerage Clerks (CE)
22. Appraisers and Assessors of Real Estate (CE)
23. Production, Planing, and Expediting Clerks (CE)
24. Medical Records and Health Information Technicians (CE)
25. Court Reporters (CE)
30. Purchasing Agents, Except Wholesale, Retail, and Farm Products (CE)
33. Budget Analysts (CEI)
34. Compliance Officers, Except Agriculture, Construction, Health and Safety, and Transportation (CEI)
35. Tellers (CE)
36. Insurance Underwriters (CEI)
37. Billing and Posting Clerks and Machine Operators (CE)
38. Statisticians (CI)
42. Secretaries, Except Legal, Medical, and Executive (CE)
47. Archivist (CI)
48. Court, Municipal, and License Clerks (CE)
49. Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerks (CE)
50. Loan Interviewers and Clerks (CE)

I will say that it disconcerts me somewhat that none of the 50 best jobs listed for the Conventional personality type have anything to do with the Artistic personality type, which was only secondary by three points. I’m also concerned because none of those jobs sound as interesting as I hoped they would.

Maybe I thought too much about the answers I gave for the personality test. Or maybe I didn’t think enough.

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