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Best relaxation tool EVER

January 10, 2010

So I was helping a friend out with a project she’s working on (it’s sooper seekrit, but when I can say more I will, because it’s also totally awesome), and she mentioned a website that I had never heard of: Sound Sleeping . com.

Curious, I went and checked it out (which you should do), and it’s completely awesome. Basically, it’s a free soothing sounds generator. Like those nature CDs that you can buy everywhere, but free. And on the internet, which means you can take it anywhere. That you have internet access. Anyway.

You select sounds that you find soothing, like rain, and wind chimes, and flute music. Or drums, and the ocean, and gulls. Or whatever, and it plays in the background while you work (or sleep, depending).

So I tried it out. I selected flute music, bamboo wind chimes, rain fall, and thunder. And as soon as it all started playing, this amazing calm sensation flowed through me. Kind of like goosebumps, but calmer. It’s hard to explain, but it was AWESOME. I was immediately transported to the porch at my grandparents cabin in the mountains, on a rare rainy day, where I had nothing else to do but sit and read and listen to the rain fall. And it was wonderful.

But the coolest thing about it was that all of the overwhelming thoughts and sensations I was having almost immediately drained away. This is a useful thing to know, because I get overwhelmed fairly easily. I know many ways to be un-overwhelmed, but this “relaxing music” was by far the fastest. And THAT is amazing in itself.

I highly recommend it.

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