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January 14, 2010

My fellow mastermind, who is also my cousin, told me in no uncertain terms that I should move forward with my eBook idea.

When I spoke with her last night, she helped me come up with a concrete action plan for moving forward, and a concrete deadline for the first item (lots of concrete), which is an outline of the eBook, due to her inbox by 5 pm MST today.

So now I have a plan. I like having plans almost as much as I like having routines. I’m still nervous about the whole thing, but I have a plan, and as my cousin said, “A clear to-do list I can do through the butterflies.” My husband tried to tell me the other day that life is not a to-do list, and while I agree with the sentiment, I would argue that having a to-do list helps.

And I figure, even if all of my fears come to pass…

– There is no market for my eBook;
– I will somehow do it wrong, and even though there might have been a market for my eBook, they’ll all run screaming in the other direction;
– I’ll do all of this work to create eBook, and no one will care (which looks like the other two but feels different).

Even if all of my fears come to pass, I will still have learned something from the process of trying to put together an eBook and market it to people. And that’s not without value.

And to be completely honest, if I create this thing, and it is able to help even one person, that will make it worth the time and effort. My hope is that it will be able to help a lot of people, but we’ll see how it goes.

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