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Business Idea: Make-up Advice for the Non-Cosmo Girl

January 25, 2010

I am not a make-up person.

For a long time, my husband, who was in theatre in high school, knew more about make-up than I did. I just had no interest.

When I was growing up, make-up and everything that went along with it (haircare, reading girly magazines, etc.) were the farthest things from my mind. I was a tomboy through and through. If I could be out playing soccer, or cops and robbers with the boys down the street, or climbing a tree (to read a book), I was there. I never wore dresses, unless I was playing dress-up with my sisters, and the girliest I got was earrings.

Now that I’m older, and married, and not completely opposed to dressing up and being “girly,” I feel like I could know a little more about make-up. Now that, every so often, my husband and I go to important events like the Symphony, or a dinner party, or a friend’s wedding, I feel like make-up would add a little extra polish to my look.

My idea: There should be a website or a forum or a blog written by women who are really into make-up, for women who really aren’t.

Everything I know about make-up and skin care I learned from my little sister, who, if we ever get separated when we’re out together, the first place I check is the make-up department of whatever store we happen to be in.

Every time we get together, she’s always insisting and making me up. She’s the one who bought me my first foundation and powder, who suggested the best brand of mascara for me to use the three times a year I put on make-up. She’s the one who helped me figure out a skin-care regimen that works for my skin, and she’s the first person I would call if I ever had a question about anything.

In short, she’s awesome, and I’m glad to have her around.

But I was thinking, what if I didn’t have her? Where would I go for advice about that sort of stuff. And I suppose the first place I could probably look is a magazine like Cosmo or … whatever, but then I’d have to read Cosmo, which is an idea that appeals to me not at all.

So the next place I considered was online, but there’s such a glut of information, and I have neither the patience nor the interest to sort through it myself.

Therefor, someone who cares about that sort of stuff should put together information about it for those of us who don’t want to go searching high and low, but occasionally have questions.

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  1. January 27, 2010 3:27 pm

    This is a really good idea. The only potential problem is that I’ve never met a woman who loved make-up who could teach me what I wanted to know without making me feel like I should should be dedicating serious time every day to its study (which is not going to happen. ever.)

    On a related note someone who isn’t me could make a killing selling Mary Kay if the focused on people who might be interested in the products but the idea of going to a traditional Mary Kay party makes them want to heave.

    • January 27, 2010 3:55 pm

      Maybe I should make my sister take this idea and run with it, because she’s really good at not making me feel like, “Oh my god, how do you not know this already?” *laughs*

      Unfortunately, she decided to go off and join the army reserves, so she’ll be a little busy for a while, so until then we’re stuck. Maybe we’ll just have to scout out for people who are more forgiving.

      I like your Mary Kay idea, except for the fact that the whole point of Mary Kay is to host parties, ’cause that’s how they make their money. *ponders* It’s worth thinking about, certainly.

  2. January 27, 2010 4:10 pm

    The Mary Kay people do talk out of both sides of their mouths about it. On one hand they are all “its your business run it the way that works for you and your customers” and then they insist you wear a skirt and nylons to host parties, attend meetings and possibly leave your house (mostly kidding on that last part.)

    Or you could still have parties, just serve beer and make the format less gag-a-riffic.

    Let me know if you figure it out 🙂

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