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I can be bad at following directions

January 27, 2010

I wrote about “The School of Seth” on Friday, right? and how I’m going to read all of the books recommended and learn all about business and marketing.

So, Friday afternoon, I have this really great conversation with Megan M., who tells me that I just have to read Tribes, which totally blew her mind, and she suspects it’ll do the same for me.

Well, Tribes was the only book on the aforementioned list that hadn’t come in at the library. I’d been waiting for what seemed like months (in truth, probably only two weeks. Maybe three) for it to come in. So I told Megan this, but that I would check again and pick it up as soon as it came in. In the mean time, I was going to start Purple Cow for the School of Seth. Right.

After we hung up, I went to my library’s website, and low-and-behold, the book is waiting for me. So, I plan on going to pick it up when I go to meet my husband downtown for dinner. At 6:00.

Unbeknownst to me, the library closes at 6 pm on Fridays (I thought it was open until 8). I am rarely on time, but I headed out early and managed to sneak in just before they closed the doors, and I got the book.

When I checked it out, I thought, ‘I really shouldn’t read this yet. I really should start with Purple Cow like I’m “supposed to”.’ HA! See the title of this post. Sometimes, I’m really bad at following directions. Especially when there’s a “supposed to” involved (although, to be fair, Charlie Gilkey does say that this is just the recommended order if you’re starting from the place of no business, you can read them however you want).

Long story short: the next morning, when I should have been getting out of bed and doing something objectively useful, I instead lay in bed, and read Tribes cover to cover.

And then, on Sunday, I went back to the beginning of it and started reading it again, slowly, in an attempt to process what I was reading.

I’m still processing. This is part of the reason I didn’t post yesterday, or this morning. It was a lot of really fascinating information to take in.

Once I get it together and actually go back and look at the original School of Seth post, and see what my “homework” for this book is, maybe then I’ll be able to be a little more coherent about it. But until then…

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