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New and exciting things

February 1, 2010

I am almost literally vibrating with excitement right now.

There are about thirty other things that I should be doing at this exact moment with my time, as opposed to updating my blog, but you know what, maybe that’s not true, because if my life is headed where it looks like it’s headed, then maybe blogging is one of the best things I can be doing right now.

How’s that for vague? *laughs*

I joined Third Tribe today. I feel a little bit like it’s supposed to be a secret, but I can only assume I’m supposed to talk about it, because what is marketing if not finding a way to generate word of mouth. And marketing is kind of the point, right?

I’m really excited about it because it’s a community populated with all of these amazing people who inspire me on a daily basis, and who I look up to. And through some twist of luck (fate, happenstance, serendipity, something?), I was in the right place at the right time, getting the right newsletters, following the right people on twitter, doing the right something, and I was able to get in at the ground floor. When it was a price that I could actually afford it, even though I’m not entirely sure I know, at the moment, where my next paycheck is coming from.

I feel incredibly special that I was given this opportunity, and even though I’m sure there are dozens, if not hundreds (maybe thousands), of other people who got a newsletter in the inbox this morning about this incredible opportunity. Even knowing that, it doesn’t matter. I was one of them. That’s amazing. I can’t even begin to express how amazing that feels.

But that’s just thing one. Oh, there’s more.

Thing two: I’m working as a VA for my mom and step-dad, and I got a call from them this morning about this other Rolfer (if you don’t know what Rolfing is: check it out) that they know, whom they told all about what I’ve been doing for them, and he’s very interested in the idea of having a VA, especially someone who’s already familiar with Rolfing.

On top of that, my step-dad, Thomas, gave me a list of projects that he and my mom would like my help with this week, which means that I’ll be able to make a little more money than I was anticipating this week. Bonus.

Thing three: I started reading Purple Cow, which is fascinating (I think I’m on page seven), but then the UPS guy shows up at my door with a package from Low and behold, Megan M sent me Seth Godin’s new book, Linchpin, which I’ve been dying to read ever since I read her post about the book launch event in New York in the first part of the year. And she, being the amazing woman that she is, sent me a copy.

Thing Four : I am no longer sitting at my sign post, waiting to decide which direction to go. I have (finally!) picked a direction, and I am headed purposefully down the road towards who knows what. It’s amazingly liberating just to be moving again.

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