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I am going to SXSW next year

February 11, 2010

Everyone says goals are good, they give you something to strive for. I have always subscribed to this philosophy, but then it fits very well with my general nature. I am a planner; it’s what I do. Five year plan? Ha! I have a life plan. … And a five year plan. But still.

As I’ve been poking around more in the fascinating corner of the internet inhabited by business bloggers (both blogs that write about business, and people for whom their business is their blog), I’ve been hearing quite a bit about South By SouthWest (SXSW). Sadly (for me) SXSW is just around the corner, so I don’t have the funds to go. This year. The clever among you will already have predicted where this is going.

Therefore, this is my goal:

  1. I am going to SXSW next year, March 2011.
  2. I’m going to take my husband, for his birthday (March 19) and our anniversary (March 28), and get the all access pass, so he can enjoy the music or whatever, and I can hang out with all the cool people I’ve been hearing about and reading these past few months.
  3. I am going to pay for it purely with proceeds from my very own home business, or IttyBiz (tip of the hat to Naomi Dunford, who’s many classes are going to help me along the way, I’m sure).

I am VERY excited about this. Not just the prospect of going to SXSW, but also the prospect of building and growing my own sustainable IttyBiz with the help of the very cool people that I’ve been connecting with these past few months.

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