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Jamie Oliver and the TED Prize

February 16, 2010

Last week, Megan M forwarded me the video below. Jamie Oliver, a well-known chef and activist (well, known, at least, if you’re addicted to the Food Network like I am), won the TED Prize this year, for his work on educating people about food, and how the bad food we eat is the cause of thousands of preventable deaths.

On searching the site for more information, there is a link where you can sign up to help Jamie with his cause. And one of the things that hit me as I was poking around is that I can help.

Food, especially healthy food and the way we eat in this country, have been interests (and possibly passions) of mine since I read Michael Pollan’s books The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto (affiliate links).

My husband and I have striven to minimize the amount of fast food, and overly-processed food, that we consume, while maximizing the amount of healthy, home-made, and delicious (usually) food we consume.

Education has also been a huge passion of mine, every since my experiences about in Germany, and spending a year in their education system (which isn’t the best in the world, but is better than ours. I firmly believe that a solid primary and secondary education is the key to this country’s future, and that we are seriously handicapping our children by putting them through the current, broken system. Food education is just one area of improvement needed, but it would be a spectacular start, and as Jamie says, it would make a HUGE difference.

So, the bottom line: I like food, I enjoy cooking, I like educating others, and I am completely on-board with Jamie’s ideas. And, because I work for myself, I can make time to actually do something useful (not that I wouldn’t have been able to if I was still employed; there just would have been more active barriers to doing something).

As I said above, not only do I think it’s a good idea, and I want to help, I can help. I’m not sure yet exactly what to do, or how to do it, but I can something, and that’s possibly the most amazing part of all.

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