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The point at which I am stuck…

March 5, 2010

I sent this in an email to a friend a few minute ago, but it’s still weighing on my mind, so I thought I’d post about it here, too.

The point at which I am stuck in my pursuit of entrepreneurship and online business and making the monies is this: I don’t know what I have to offer that other people want or need.

This is not a cry for help. This is not a statement of despair or woe. This is not me throwing my hands in the air and saying, “Well, fuck, I quit.”

This is just me checking in saying, “This is where I am.”

I’m not sure what to do about it. Probably brainstorm, or meditate, or free-write, or something like that. Or just tell my brain, “Hey, brain, it’d be great if you could sort of work on this conundrum in the background and get back to me in… oh, a week, and let me know what I can do to make this whole thing work.”

I’ve tried asking people I know what they think I should do (I know, I know, total cop out), but it totally didn’t work, because either they a) avoided the question by telling a story or changing the subject, or b) said, flat out, “Man, I just have no idea.”

Part of the problem, I’m sure, is that they, like me, are not sure what is possible. And before you say it, yes, I know the answer to that statement is “Anything’s possible, if you put your mind to it.” Yes, thank you.

But how do I decide between, “Well, gee I’m not sure,” and “Man, I just don’t know”? ‘Cause that’s about where I am.

I have many resources at my disposal, and I suspect that I will look back in a few months (one or two would be great, but I’d settle for six or so) and say, “Huh, I wonder what all the angst was about?” *fingers crossed*

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