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Business ideas

March 18, 2010

Business ideas that I have come up with since I arrived in Colorado to visit my mom:

1) Figuring out some way to produce this purse that I made WITHOUT having to do it myself. (Pictures of the finished product will be forthcoming actually in the blog soon, but if you really have to know what it looks like now, you can go here [] and check it out. There are no captions yet. Fair warning.)

2) A car washing service that takes people dirty cars from where they work, takes them to the nearby do-it-yourself wash-place, and brings them back clean and dried off. … I really like washing cars.

3) Marketing my eBook about easy Budgeting to just-graduated college students.

It’s possible that it’s actually 1:30 am where I originated from and I have had several beers this evening. It is St. Patty’s Day. Know this: beer plus high altitude plus jet lag equals tipsy much more quickly than usual.

I’m going to sign off before I say something really retarded. ^_^

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