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The Anti-Resume Experiment: Businesses

April 24, 2010

I wrote on Monday that I was going to send anti-resumes to a bunch of different businesses in Michigan to see how they would respond.


Bed, Bath, and Beyond – I’ve always loved how friendly, helpful and enthusiastic the employees are at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I have always felt that if they were hiring when I was looking for a job, we’d be a great fit. And just my luck, they’re actually hiring. Bonus.

Barnes and Nobles – I have wanted to work at a bookstore since I was old enough to understand that “working” is the thing my parents did so they could buy me books. I think I was eight at the time. The only bookstore in town is Barnes and Noble, so I’m going to try my luck there. Again.

Fast Signs – A local design company that does marketing and other signs for area businesses. I had some dealings with them in previous jobs, and they’ve always produced high quality work and been friendly and helpful besides.

The public library – I’ve wanted to work at a library for longer than I’ve wanted to work at a book store. Then I found out that most people who work at the library have advanced degrees in things like history and library science. All I really want is to work at the front desk. I wonder if they’ll make an exception if I turn it a totally awesome Anti-Resume?

The Plan

My plan of attack is to apply to the above businesses in the order in which I’ve presented them here. I was originally planning to suggest a type of anti-resume that I was going to send to each business, but right now I’m not sure.

My goal is to send out the first anti-resume to Bed, Bath, and Beyond by Friday, April 30th.

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