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It’s official, I’ve opened the virtual doors…

May 17, 2010

So, things have been a little quite on my blog here, primarily because I’ve been busy putting together my website:

I’ve been working as a VA (Virtual Assistant) for several people over the last few months, and I decided to go for it and offer my unique services to anyone who might need or want them. Basically, I do everything I can to make my clients’ lives simpler, and to help them get more done each day.

I’m really excited about it, and hope that I’ll be able to help a lot of people, and that I’ll be able to support my family. is my first website, and my first business, so I know there’s a possibility that it won’t succeed. Most entrepreneurs have many more failures than successes, especially at first, because it takes time and perseverance to make it work. But, there’s also the possibility that it’ll be wildly successful, which would be amazing. All I can do is try, right?

And, if this particular business doesn’t work, I’ll just have to try my hand at something else. I’m just excited to be self-employed and on my way to being a successful entrepreneur.

Wish me luck, and if you know anyone who could use a helping hand, point ’em my way.

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