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Curve balls and Life…

May 25, 2010

My husband and I have been planning to move to Colorado for more than a year. We almost did move last August, but there was no job for Ben out there at that time, and we weren’t ready anyway.

Since August 2009, we have been waiting on word from his job that they could transfer him out there, which they said would be not a problem, but couldn’t say when. For a while we weren’t even sure that it was going to happen this year, and then Ben’s Regional Manager said it would definitely happen by fall, maybe as early as August, and maybe as late as October.

Okay, three month range. Great. :-\

Then someone (who didn’t really have the power to make the decision, but was higher up in the company) said it could be as soon as July, which was a crazy, thought but exciting. Now the time frame ranged from July to October, and I didn’t even know how to think about that. My cousin, wise woman that she is, suggested that I have a plan ready for any eventuality — from moving in two weeks, to moving in four months.

I didn’t quite go to that extreme, because the likelihood of them transferring us out there before August just seemed so remote. What I did do is get everything ready to make the final preparations.

I had figured out a plan once before, last June and July before we realized that moving was never going to happen that August, but I needed to update it. I re-established what stores he might be transfered to out there. I re-found apartments in the area that fit our price range, space requirements, and distance from family and his potential place of employment. I got another quote from the moving company we were thinking of using. I confirmed the route that we might use to get there, and what stops we might make along the way. I started funneling more money toward our steadily growing Moving Fund, which I had diligently been putting half our extra cash toward since August last year (the other half of the cash had been going toward paying down debt).

The stage was set, as much as it could be without a specific date. We had a slowly growing pile of money, places we might live, a moving company… we were as ready as ready could be.

Or so I thought.

Ben got a call yesterday from the Regional Manager out in Colorado. This Regional Manager informed him that there was an opening for him at one of two stores, and they’d really loved to see him out there June 7th or 14th. June 7th or 14th. As in 13 days from today, potentially. As in three weeks from today, alternately.

*Woosh* Holy shit, where’d that curve ball come from?!

So now what? Do we take it? Do we say “Thanks, but is there a possible move in July or August” instead?

There are so many things we were going to do this summer before we left, when we thought we had a few months in stead of a few weeks. We were planning to spend more time with his sisters and brother, not to mention his parents. We were planning to go see some of the majors sites in Michigan before we left. I was planning to be more established in my self-employed job before we left, so we had more guaranteed income when we got there.

And if we do take the offer, do we have enough money? Can we find a place to live in two-three weeks? Can I find a job quickly enough to help pay our increased bills? What exactly is it going to cost to get out there?

Yikes. I have no doubt that we’ll figure it out, one way or another. I really am pretty prepared, even though it would have been nice to have more than two weeks. This was going to happen sooner than later, and it’s possible that we never would have been more ready than we are now, with the exception of financially. I just don’t know.

This is exciting, and terrifying. Wish us luck.

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